Choose right e-commerce platform for a business is quite challenging and confusing task.

I have tried to simplify difference ecommerce platform by various factors. I hope it will help business owners to select their compatible match.


Woocommerce is a very popular for startup and small business. However WooCommerce is powerful  and can handle huge product. Main benefit of WooCommerce is small initial development cost and open source.  


Shopify is self hosting subscription based e-commerce platform. Shopify might have low initial cost but it has mostly paid extensions so it is not essential solution for startups or small business. But Shopify is very fast secure and can handle huge amount of product. So it is perfect for existing and large cap businesses.


Magento provide both open-source and enterprise solution. Enterprise solution is very expensive as compare to other alternatives. Magento can fully customizable, mature and very secure platform. Initial cost is high as it take huge time in development. it can handle huge amount of product very seamlessly. It is preferable for mid cape or large products ecommerce business.