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  • Fast response even with thousond of products.
  • Json based data serve instead of database query.
  • Doesn’t effect on server load as suggestions don’t load database or core wordpress.
  • Customizable search field Display attribute and fields can be modified
  • Fully Secure and standard plugin


Selector of search input

If your theme not reflect search suggestion then add selector of your search box. 

  • Click on search box
  • Right click > Inspect Element
  • Copy class name from selected input tag (screenshoot 1)
  • Add it in selector with . prefix like .search-field
  • You can use id as well. in that case add prefix # like #idnameofinput


Popup on search box

It will show suggestion in full screen (Prefered)

Regenerate on Edit Product

It will Regenerate whole json or refresh all data on edit product.

Stay it disable if you have huge product on your store.

Suggestion Display Fields

Selected fields will show in suggestion block of product.

Suggestion Display Attributes

Selected product attribute will show in suggestion block of product.

Search Fields

Selected field will enable search product by those field value.

Search Attributes

Selected attribute will enable search product by those attribute value.

Exclude Product

Add product IDs comma separated which you won’t display on search suggestion. 

Minimum keyword for suggestion

Suggestion will start after minimum selected keyword on search field. (Preferred 2-3)

Redirect on New Tab

It will open new tab once user select product from suggestion.